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    Increase your leads and boost your sales through targeted and tailored marketing activities.

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Automate marketing processes

Marketing automation, also known as marketing automation, is a software-based method for automating marketing and sales processes. It involves enriching user profiles with information based on their behavior in order to create automated campaign processes for personalized communication. Increasing the number of potential, qualified new customers (so-called leads) is one of the goals of marketing automation.

What problems can be solved with the help of marketing automation?

People's shopping behavior has changed. The Internet now plays an important role in most purchasing decisions. Thousands of potential customers are probably on the Internet looking for your products and solutions. This is where the problem lies:

  • That it's not that easy to get these people to your website.
  • When you are on your website, it is not easy to get in touch with these people.
  • That it's not easy to filter out the contacts who are willing to buy, the good leads.
  • And that identifying the right time when a prospect is ready to buy is not easy.

Marketing automation exists to solve this problem.

Our marketing automation tools help you optimize your marketing process by automatically executing the right action based on each customer's interests - for example, matching products or newsletter topics based on buying interest.

Marketing Automation Case Studies

Technology company improves lead management through marketing automation

A technology company used marketing automation to improve its lead management. This involved capturing potential customers and qualifying and nurturing them through automated processes. This enabled the company to target potential customers more effectively and convert them to customers more quickly.

By using marketing automation, the company was also able to optimize its lead management processes and save resources. Customer loyalty was also strengthened, as potential customers were accompanied throughout the entire purchase decision process through targeted lead nurturing.

Overall, the company saw a 35 percent increase in sales quality and a 20 percent reduction in sales cycles through the use of marketing automation.

Software company increases conversions through automated email campaigns

A software company used marketing automation to automate and personalize its email marketing campaigns. This involved creating automated emails that were tailored to the individual behavior and interest of recipients. Targeted lead nurturing was used to gradually lead prospects toward a purchase.

The targeted approach enabled the company to significantly increase the opening and click-through rates of the emails. The conversion rate was also increased, as the potential customers were provided with relevant information and offers. Overall, the company saw a 25 percent increase in conversions through the use of marketing automation.

Financial services provider uses marketing automation to personalize website content

A financial services provider used marketing automation to improve the personalization of website content. Automated processes were used to dynamically generate website content and tailor it to the visitor. This enabled the user to be addressed by precisely tailored content and the user experience was improved.

By using marketing automation, the financial services provider was also able to increase visitor engagement on the website. Lead generation was also increased as website visitors were more targeted through personalized content.

Overall, the financial services provider saw a 15 percent increase in conversion rate and a 25 percent increase in time spent on the website through the use of marketing automation.

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