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  • Service industry

    Customers have never been more demanding, and it has never been possible to meet customer requirements as individually as is possible today. We develop the best and most suitable customer journey for you and find the ideal platform in e-commerce or customer management.

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Service industry

The service sector is the largest and fastest-growing economic sector in Germany (70% of GDP) and the most important industrial sector alongside vehicle manufacturing, the chemical industry and mechanical engineering .

In Switzerland, the sector is even the most important and largest industrial sector of all, accounting for around 74 % of total gross value added. In no other industry is digitalization likely to have been such a driver of innovation: developments and changes are rapid and constantly adapting. Product markets, physical services and digital offerings no longer stand alone, but complement each other to form smart services.

Without apps, e-commerce platforms and smart services, nothing works anymore. mprofi offers companies from the service industry optimal support in the development and expansion of their business models, because that is what we specialize in.

Areas of application of digitization in the service industry

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry is one of the most important and innovative industries in the world. Here, products are developed, manufactured and distributed that play a crucial role in people's health and well-being. In light of increasing globalization, rising competitive pressures and changing customer needs, digitalization has become of great importance in this industry.

In the following, we would like to give you an overview of the opportunities and application areas of digitization in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry:


Digitization offers enormous opportunities in the service industry to make work processes more efficient, reduce costs and open up new business opportunities. In order to exploit this potential, it is important to take the right measures at an early stage and to approach digitization strategically. The focus should also be on the needs and expectations of customers in order to increase their satisfaction and build long-term customer relationships.