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Dealfront - Echobot - Leadfeeder

mprofi AG offers Dealfront and Echobot, powerful tools to improve your B2B online marketing and sales strategies. Discover how these tools can transform your business and increase your bottom line.

As a leading digital agency, mprofi AG, we are proud to present our digital transformation expertise, services and products. Our focus is on the implementation and support of SEO website campaigns for "Dealfront and Echobot", two revolutionary products in the field of online marketing.

Dealfront is the result of a merger of two award-winning companies: Echobot, a German sales intelligence platform, and Leadfeeder, a Finnish provider of web visitor intelligence. Echobot and Leadfeeder both offer a variety of features, including APIs, activity dashboards, notifications and more.

What is Dealfront?

Dealfront, a go-to-market platform for Europe, provides sales and marketing teams with data, tools and insights to win any European market. It allows companies to identify their ideal customers and accelerate their sales processes. The platform focuses on prospects with high purchase intent and uses various trigger events to identify companies that need the company's solutions.

  • Dealfront lets you identify your dream customers and accelerate your sales processes. It allows you to focus on prospects with high purchase intent and identify companies that need your solutions.Moreover, Dealfront turns website traffic into B2B leads and helps you reach your target audiences with precise B2B ads. It offers unique go-to-market opportunities and promotes continuous optimization of your sales processes.
  • Dealfront promises to turn the sales process into a constantly refining cycle, discovering new sales opportunities, qualifying leads, converting them into customers and optimizing the entire pipeline. The platform was developed in Europe and draws its data from national trade registries. Its AI understands multiple languages and its crawlers find data and insights that other providers do not cover.
  • Dealfront provides access to rich data, including an extensive database of European companies, contacts, and trigger events. The platform relies on three data pillars: EU company databases, multilingual web crawling and trigger events. In addition, it was developed with strict European data protection standards in mind and collects only public data.
  • Dealfront relies on three data pillars: EU company databases, multilingual web crawling and trigger events to deliver deep understanding and insights. It was born in Europe and uses data from national trade registers, AI that understands multiple languages, and crawlers that find data and insights that other providers don't cover.

Our services include full implementation and support for these innovative platforms. We pride ourselves on our ability to guide our clients through every step of their digital transformation and ensure they realize the full potential of Dealfront and Echobot.