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  • Proxy Scraper - Efficient proxy management

    Proxy Scraper is a versatile tool capable of finding and testing thousands of proxies in minutes for anonymous surfing!

Automate your proxy work with GSA Proxy Scraper

Proxy Scraper a software that is able to harvest and test thousands of proxies quickly and reliably. This tool can provide you with an unlimited number of proxies for your daily tasks, and these proxies can be obtained for free from many thousands of sources.

Some features of the software include:

  • Internal proxy server: The program acts as its own proxy server and automatically uses all newly found proxies based on your filters.
  • Automatic finding and testing of proxies: you can set the finding and testing of your proxies based on time. The software has a built-in scripting language that allows you to program your own test scenario and run tests for all found proxies.
  • Easy export of proxies: you can export your proxies to any format and location. You can define what to export (e.g. specific regions, proxy types) or how (e.g. only new proxies or all).
  • Filtering unwanted proxies: the software allows you to remove proxies from specific regions or with suspicious IP ranges, and get only Google-compatible proxies or completely anonymous proxies. You can define the type of proxies you need by using the software's settings.
  • Website Ranking: GSA Proxy Scraper is not only a software for finding proxies, but also includes many useful tools like the Metric Scanner, which allows you to easily check the SEO metrics of a URL.
  • Google PR Emulator: you can emulate the set Google PageRank with our easy-to-use tool and reuse your old SEO tools.
  • Search Engine Parsing: A built-in tool allows you to parse any search engine on the Internet. You can also add your own search engines. Track the position for a keyword with your website.
  • HTTP Toolkit: The HTTP Toolkit allows you to send predefined packets to web pages, for example, to automate tasks.
  • Port Scanner: The software has a built-in scanner that helps you find the best and most stable proxies that are known only to you and are not publicly listed on the Internet. It can suggest you good IP ranges based on previously found data.