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    Neos CMS with connection to Openstreetmap Tile Server: Privacy-compliant geodata processing to optimize your online project.

Openstreetmap Tile Server in Neos

Openstreetmap offers a wide range of applications to improve your website, especially in terms of user experience and data visualization. With Neos CMS and its integration with the Openstreetmap Tile Server, you can take advantage of these benefits while ensuring privacy compliance.

The five most important features of Neos CMS with connection to Openstreetmap Tile Server:

  • Privacy compliance

Openstreetmap respects the privacy of users and meets high data protection standards.

  • Interactive maps

Openstreetmap provides fully interactive maps that users can manipulate to obtain information.

  • Customer engagement

Maps are an effective way to increase user interaction and can help improve the user experience.

  • Detailed visualization

Openstreetmap allows complex data or information to be visualized in a way that is easy for users to understand.

  • Neos CMS Integration

The connection of Openstreetmap to Neos CMS allows seamless integration of maps into your content management system.

Integrating map services into your website can greatly improve the user experience and help visualize complex data effectively. By connecting Openstreetmap to Neos CMS, you can reap these benefits while ensuring that data usage complies with privacy standards. Openstreetmap is known for its respect for user privacy and adherence to high data protection standards.

Openstreetmap's fully interactive maps allow users to get the information they want while maintaining control over their data. This feature not only encourages user interaction, but also helps improve the user experience.

Openstreetmap allows you to visualize complex data or information in a way that is easy for users to understand. Whether it's locations, traffic information, or other geographic data, Openstreetmap provides an effective solution for displaying this information.

Openstreetmap's connection to Neos CMS enables seamless integration of maps into your content management system. With this integration, you can manage map information directly in your CMS and make the use of maps in your project more efficient and effective.

Services for Neos CMS with connection to

Openstreetmap Tile Server

  • Openstreetmap Integration

We at mprofi AG offer comprehensive services for the integration of Openstreetmap into Neos CMS, with a special focus on data privacy compliance.

  • User engagement strategies

Our experts can help you develop strategies to increase user engagement through the use of Openstreetmap while meeting privacy requirements.

  • Map creation and customization

Our experts can create and customize tailored and privacy-compliant maps with Openstreetmap that are specifically tailored to your needs.

  • Data Visualization

With our expertise in Openstreetmap and Neos CMS, we can help you visualize complex data in an effective and understandable way, always in compliance with privacy policies.

  • Card information management

With our experience in using Neos CMS, we offer card information management services to help you manage your cards efficiently and securely.