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  • Collaboration in the workplace

    Cloud solutions: Collaboration on projects using digital products enables teams of different sizes to discuss issues, share ideas, and assign tasks without being in a shared location.

Digital products for collaboration in the workplace

Discover the digital products of mprofi AG, designed to optimize and improve your project work. We offer a range of tools and solutions specifically tailored to the needs and challenges of B2B companies. Our products support you in every phase of your projects and help to increase efficiency and innovation. Whether it's managing complex projects or streamlining workflows, our digital products provide the flexibility and power you need to succeed. Start your digital journey today with mprofi AG.


Data security and data protection based on opensource solutions.

Discover Nextcloud
Rocket Chat

Opensource replacement to Slack.

Rocket Chat

The cloud-based productivity platform from Microsoft

Discover Office365
Google Workspace

Communication and collaboration tools from Google

Google Workspace

Helpdesk software (ticket system) for customer queries

Discover Zammad

Open source software for managing Internet forums and mailing lists

Discover Discourse

Application areas for the use of products for collaboration in the workplace

  • Project Management

Digital platforms for project management can be used in work environments to organize and coordinate projects. These tools make it possible to distribute tasks, track progress, and set deadlines, which is especially beneficial in agile work environments.

  • Communication and video conferencing

Digital communication tools enable text messaging, voice calls and video conferencing, which greatly facilitates collaboration within a team, regardless of physical location...

  • Collaborative document creation

Digital tools enable multiple people to work on a document simultaneously. They enable real-time feedback and idea sharing by providing commenting and change tracking capabilities.

  • File sharing and storage

Digital file sharing tools enable the exchange of files between team members while also serving as a centralized storage location. They are an indispensable resource for teams that need to collaborate on files, as they enable synchronization and management of versions across devices.