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Our prototyping products

The creation of digital prototypes is an essential step in the digitization of services. They enable companies to create a virtual model of their service that can be tested, refined and improved before it is launched on the market. This process not only reduces the risk of errors and failures, but also allows companies to design their services more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Mprofi AG has developed a comprehensive overview page of the prototyping products we use to help companies with this process. This page provides a comprehensive look at the different tools and technologies that can be used to create digital prototypes and how they can help digitize services.


Axure is a powerful tool for creating digital mockups and interactive prototypes for websites and applications.

Discover Axure
Adobe XD

A powerful prototyping and mockup tool that speeds up the design and development process of digital products.

Discover Adobe XD

A powerful web-based design and prototyping tool ideal for creating and optimizing digital mockups.

Figma discover

Quant enables fast and efficient prototyping, saving design and development teams time and reducing time-to-market.

Discover quantum
Browser stack

With Browser Stack, companies can test their websites and apps on a variety of devices to ensure they work equally well on all platforms.

Discover Browser Stack

Application areas for the use of prototyping products

  • Website design

Digital prototyping tools are often used in the initial design phase of a website. These tools allow designers to create a visual representation of the intended website to help determine aesthetics and layout. These prototypes help refine the design early on and allow stakeholders to get a feel for the final product before the actual development process begins.

  • User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design

Digital prototyping tools are particularly useful for testing and optimizing user experience and user interface design. With these tools, designers can create interactive prototypes that they can use to evaluate and improve a website's user experience. They can see how users navigate the site and which elements may be confusing or difficult to use.

  • A/B testing

Digital prototypes can also be used for A/B testing, where two or more versions of a website or a particular element are compared to see which works best. This can help decide on design elements such as colors, fonts, images, CTAs (call-to-action), etc.

  • Mobile web design

As more and more people access websites through mobile devices, it is important that websites work well on these devices. Digital prototyping tools can be used to see how a website looks and works on different screen sizes and devices. This helps identify problems and adjust the design for a better mobile user experience.