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  • Microsoft Power Apps

    Microsoft Power Apps: Accelerate the digital transformation of your B2B company with tailored solutions for optimized business processes and increased efficiency.

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Microsoft Power Apps for B2B companies

In today's fast-paced business world, it's critical to make business processes efficient and flexible. Our digital agency specializes in Microsoft Power Apps to help you achieve just that. We offer customized solutions for B2B companies looking to streamline their business processes and increase efficiency. Our landing page gives you a first insight into our competencies, services and products around Microsoft Power Apps. Discover how we can help your company successfully master the challenges of digital transformation.

Our digital agency is committed to providing you with the best Microsoft Power Apps solutions for your B2B company. Combining our extensive skills, diverse services and best-in-class products, we are the ideal partner for your digital transformation. Discover on our landing page how we can help you optimize your business processes, increase efficiency and compete successfully.

As an experienced digital agency, we have extensive knowledge and experience in Microsoft Power Apps. Our team of experts includes certified Power Apps developers, consultants and designers who work closely together to create best-in-class solutions for your business.

Our competencies include:

  • Consulting

We analyze your business processes and identify opportunities for optimization through the use of Microsoft Power Apps

  • Development

We create custom Power Apps that are tailored to meet the exact needs of your business

  • Integration

We seamlessly integrate Power Apps with your existing systems and applications to ensure smooth collaboration

  • Training

We provide training for your employees to help them realize the full potential of Power Apps

  • Support

We continue to support you with advice and assistance after the implementation of the Power Apps

Our digital agency offers a wide range of Microsoft Power Apps services to best support your business.

  • Power Apps strategy development

We help you develop a customized strategy for the use of Power Apps in your company. In doing so, we take into account your individual requirements, goals and challenges

  • Adaptation of standard solutions

We adapt existing Power Apps templates to your specific needs to enable fast and cost-efficient implementation

  • Development of individual Power Ap

We develop custom Power Apps from the ground up to accurately reflect your business processes and deliver the greatest possible value to your organization

  • Power Apps Optimization

We analyze your existing Power Apps, identify optimization potential and implement the necessary improvements

  • Data integration and automation

We integrate Power Apps with your existing data sources and automate business processes to increase efficiency and productivity

  • Training and support

We provide training for your employees and ensure that they acquire the necessary skills to use Power Apps effectively. Our support team is available to answer questions and resolve issues quickly

In addition to our customized solutions, we also offer a range of pre-built Microsoft Power Apps products tailored to the needs of B2B companies. Some of our most popular products are:

  • Sales Tracker

A comprehensive solution for tracking sales activity, customer interactions, and sales forecasts

  • Project Management App

An intuitive app for managing projects, covering the entire project cycle from planning to implementation

  • Warehouse Management

A powerful application for managing inventory, orders, and deliveries

  • Customer portal

A user-friendly platform where your customers can place orders, track the status of deliveries, and submit support requests

  • Employee app

A one-stop shop for managing employee information, vacation requests, and timesheet tracking